Community Engagement Programs

At the core of The Baton Foundation’s work is a commitment to the Black communities it serves. To that end, the foundation hosts a series of community engagement programs:

Community Conversations
These conversations are structured to stimulate dialogue between various Black communities about topical issues, and to provide a platform for honest and respectful communication, intergenerational learning, community action, and collective reflection and healing.

Parent Workshops
Parent workshops let the parents of boys enrolled in the Cultural Heritage Program take part in continuing education workshops related to the four Cultural Heritage Program focus areas: Emotional/Psychological Awareness & Exploration; Cultural Heritage & Legacy; History, Meaning & Relevancy; and Self Mastery & Strategies for Living.

Kahlil A. Chism Teachers Institute (Coming 2022)
Named in memory of the late Kahlil A. Chism (1967–2016), this teachers’ institute serves middle school and high school teachers, and it provides opportunities for teachers to expand their knowledge and skills pertaining to African American history and culture. A key goal of the institute is to inspire teachers to use primary documents in their classrooms. Most institutes take place during the summer, and teachers earn PLU professional development credit.

The Baton Foundation exists to strengthen Black boys and adolescents emotionally, culturally, and intellectually.


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