The Baton Foundation

Passing on knowledge…
Passing on culture.

Powerful programs that strengthen
Black boys, their families,
and their communities.

The Baton Foundation exists to deliver fact-based information about the culture and history of the African diaspora.

What We Do…
And Why You Should Care.

The Baton Foundation values and affirms blackness—Black people, Black culture and history, and Black diversity. In a society that continues to dehumanize and marginalize Black people, it is important for us to create environments that support and nurture our community. It is also important that we create opportunities for intellectual and psychological growth that will help counteract society’s toxic influences. The Baton Foundation provides the environments and the opportunities for our community to do both.

Our Programs

Arts & Humanities Programs

Our arts and humanities programming is designed to be intellectually stimulating, entertaining and engaging. Programs include: author talks and book signings; lectures; music and dance performances; and film screenings.

Baton Heritage Ensemble

The Baton Heritage Ensemble is a performance ensemble established to educate audiences about the rich musical legacy that grew out of the Black experience in the United States.

Community Engagement Programs

A series of programs created to provide safe spaces in which various community constituents can engage with others to learn about and/or address challenging and complex issues. This series includes:

  • Community Conversations
  • Parent Workshops
  • Kahlil A. Chism Teacher Institute

Cultural Heritage Program

A dynamic program for Black boys ages 10-15 that uses informal learning methods to focus on four content areas:

  • Self-Awareness & Exploration
  • Cultural Heritage & Legacy
  • History, Meaning & Relevancy
  • Self-Mastery & Strategies for Living

Explorers Camp

The Explorers Camp is a week-long, summer day camp designed to engage young camp-goers in fun, interactive and hands-on activities that facilitate learning about Black history and culture. The camp is for boys and girls ages 9-13.

Field Trips & Research Travel

Travel experiences for the lifelong learner and for those who want more from a trip than a souvenir. While on Baton Foundation excursions, you will expand your knowledge about and understanding of the significance of Black peoples in local, national and world history and culture.

The Baton Foundation exists to strengthen Black boys and adolescents emotionally, culturally, and intellectually.


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